Finals Results

Congratulations to all Winners at the Bangkok International Rugby Sevens 2013:
Womens Division
Cup final: Chulalongkorn 19 Bucks Singapore 14
Plate final: Chonburi 26 Srinakarin 7
Bowl Final: Lao PDR 17 Thonburi 5

Asian Mens
Congratulations to all Asian Mens Club Winners at the Bangkok International Rugby Sevens 2013:
Cup final: Malaysia Universities 19 Police Box 7
Plate final: Serdang Angels 19 Bangkok IPE 7
Bowl Final: Kasetsart 29 Samb-a-ra 19

International Club Mens
Congratulations to all International Mens Club Winners at the Bangkok International Rugby Sevens 2013:
Cup final: Pacific Warriors 31 South Coast Black Cockatoos 12
Plate final: Thai Air Force 26 Nerang Bulls 19
Bowl Final: Thai Police 22 Olymp 17

Full 2012 Results

** After Match #3, Men’s team Bangkok IPE were replaced by Parinya Professionals

Friday 26th October
“The Check Inn 99” Women’s Rugby Sevens
11:00-11:18 Mahasarakham Uni 0–Bye  Thonburi University
11:18-11:36 Thammasartklongluang 5–17 Srinakarinwirot University
11:36-11:54 Chulalongkorn Uni 0–26 Lao Naga
11:54-12:12 HongKong Lions 27–0 Bangkok IPE
12:12-12:30 Lao Naga Bye–0 Mahasarakham Uni
12:30-12:48 Bangkok IPE 0–34 Thammasartklongluang
12:48-13:06 Chulalongkorn Uni 22–0 Thonburi University
13:06-13:24 HongKong Lions 31–0 Srinakarinwirot University
13:24-13:42 Chulalongkorn Uni Bye–0 Mahasarakham Uni
13:42-14:00 HongKong Lions 0–22 Thammasartklongluang
14:00-14:18 Lao Naga 32–0 Thonburi University
14:18-14:36 Bangkok IPE 0–41 Srinakarinwirot University
15:00-16:12 Women’s Quarter-finals
15:00-15:18 Lao Naga 12–0 Bangkok IPE
15:18-15:36 Thammasartklongluang Bye–0 Mahasarakham Uni
15:36-15:54 Chulalongkorn Uni 10–26 Srinakarinwirot University
15:54-16:12 Hong Kong Lions 34–0 Thonburi University
Saturday 27th October
Men’s Rugby Sevens
08:30-08:48 Mahasarakham Uni 24–7 Pattaya Panthers
08:48-09:06 Bangkok Japanese 5–38 Royal Thai Police 2
09:06-09:24 Chiang Mai Suas Bye-0 ** Bangkok IPE
09:24-09:42 Shambhala 40–0 IPE SamutSakhon
09:42-10:00 NZ4Nations 62–0 Thonburi University
10:00-10:18 HongKong Lions Bye–0 RT Navy
10:18-10:36 Olymp 5–47 RT Police
10:36-10:54 Lloyd McDermott Bye-0 Bangkok Bangers
10:54-11:12 Thonburi University 22–5 Mahasarakham Uni
11:12-11:30 RT Navy 28–14 Bangkok Japanese
11:30-11:48 RT Police 31–0 Chiang Mai Suas
11:48-12:06 Bangkok Bangers 0–Bye Shambhala
12:06-12:24 NZ4Nations 52–0 Pattaya Panthers
12:24-12:42 HongKong Lions 36–5 Royal Thai Police 2
12:42-13:00 Olimp 43–0 Parinya Professionals
13:00-13:18 Lloyd McDermott 48-0 IPE SamutSakhon
13:18-13:54 Women’s Plate Semi-finals
13:18-13:36 (W)Bangkok IPE 24–7 Thonburi Uni
13:36-13:54 (W)Mahasarakham Uni 0–Bye Chulalongkorn Uni
13:54-14:12 Thonburi University 19–10 Pattaya Panthers
14:12-14:30 RT Navy 14–29 Royal Thai Police 2
14:30-14:48 RT Police 43–0 Parinya Professionals
14:48-15:06 Lloyd McDermott 7–33 Shambala
15:06:15:24 The “Check Inn 99” Women’s Plate Final
15:06-15:24 (W)Bangkok IPE 19–24 Chulalongkorn Uni
15:24-15:42 NZ4Nations 64–0 Mahasarakham Uni
15:42-16:00 HongKong Lions 75–0 Bangkok Japanese
16:00-16:18 Olimp 21–0 Chiang Mai Suas
16:18-16:36 Bangkok Bangers 0-Bye IPE Samutsakhon
Sunday 28th October
Bangkok Rugby Sevens Finals Day
Matches #1—#4 Men’s Bowl & Shield Quarter-finals — Teams 9th to 16th
08:30-08:48 Mahasarakham 0–Bye Pattaya Panthers
08:48-09:06 Royal Thai Navy 21–12 Parinya Professionals
09:06-09:24 IPE Samut Sakhon 12–14 Bangkok Japanese
09:24-09:42 Chang Mai Suas Bye–0 Bangkok Bangers
Match #5 Youth Rugby — Boys U16s Exhibition Match (12-a-side)
09:42-10:04 Bangkok Lions 27–8 Debsirin
Match #6 Youth Rugby — Girls U16s Exhibition Match (7-a-side)
10:04-10:22 Pathumthani 10-10 Watsirichanpradit
Matches #7—#10 Men’s Cup & Plate Quarter-finals — Teams 1st to 8th
10:22-10:40 Shambala 24–7 Lloyd McDermott
10:40-10:58 Royel Thai Police 21–17 Olimp
10:58-11:16 Hong Kong Lions 31–0 Royal Thai Police 2
11:16-11:34 NZ4Nations 65–0 Thonburi Uni
Match #11 Old Bangkok Bangers “Ancients” Exhibition
11:34-11:56 Team 1 (Blue) 5–0 Team 2 (Red)
Matches #12 & #13 Women’s Cup Semi-finals
11:56-12:14 (W)Lao Naga 0–33 Srinakarinwirot University
12:14-12:32 (W)Thammasartklongluang 14–12 Hong Long Lions
Matches #14 & #15 Men’s Shield Semi-finals
12:32-12:50 Pattaya Panthers 17–12 IPE Samut Sakhon
12:50-13:08 Parinya Professionals Bye–0 Bangkok Bangers
Matches #16 & #17 Men’s Bowl Semi-finals
13:08-13:26 Mahasarakham 26–7 Bangkok Japanese
13:26-13:44 Royal Thai Navy 7–31 Chang Mai Suas
Matches #18 & #19 Men’s Plate Semi-finals
13:44-14:02 Lloyd McDermot 26–7 Thonburi Uni
14:02-14:20 Olimp 12–0 Royal Thai Police 2
Matches #20 & #21 Men’s Cup Semi-finals
14:20-14:38 Shambala 0–46 NZ4Nations
14:38-14:56 Royal Thai Police 12–19 Hong Kong
15:50-16.12 The “Check Inn 99” Women’s Cup Final  
Match #22 (W)Srinakarinwirot University 14–0 Thammasartklongluang
16.12-16:38 the “Air astana” Men’s Shield Final
Match #23 Pattaya Pathers 12–33 Parinya Professionals
16.12-16:38 The “Tenderloins” Men’s Bowl Final
Match #24 Mahasarakham 5–15 Chang Mai Suas
16:38-17.04 The “Baker Tilly Thailand” Men’s Plate Final
Match #25 Lloyd McDermott 7–28 Olimp
17.04-17:30 “The Colonel’s” Men’s Cup Final
Match #26 NZ4Nations 53–7 Hong Kong

18th Bangkok Sevens, 2012 – Tournament Results

18th Bangkok 7’s, 26-28th October 2012

“Kiwi side romps away to win sevens tournament” … Bangkok Post 29th October

Hot favourites NZ4Nations stormed to victory in the 18th Bangkok Rugby Sevens Tournament after an emphatic 53-7 win over Hong Kong Lions at the Police Stadium.

It was a lively day of entertaining rugby which included possibly the first case of “Lizard Stops Play” in a Thai rugby tournament.

The New Zealand team put on a superlative display of attacking rugby throughout the tournament and were deserved winners of the ‘Colonel’s Cup’.

The Kiwis carried their form into the final and three converted tries saw them move into a 21-0 lead just before the break.  Hong Kong showed great determination to go over for a try, the first points conceded by their opponents throughout the tournament. They were not about to concede any more however and ran out comfortable winners picking up 32 more points in the second half.

In the semi finals NZ4 had beaten the promising young Thai team, Shambhala 46-0 while the Lions overcame the Thai Police 19-12 in a much tighter game.

The second semi final was temporarily delayed in somewhat unusual circumstances when a monitor lizard decided to take an afternoon stroll down the middle of the pitch and refused to budge despite being shown a red card by the brave referee.  Eventually the creature was lured into a sack and play was able to resume.

The Baker Tilly Plate was won by the Kazakhstan team, Olymp which turned on a very good display in the final to beat Australia’s Lloyd McDermott 28-7.

In an entertaining tussle between two Thai teams, it was Chiang Mai Tigers who came out on top of Mahasarakham in the Tenderloins Bowl with a hard fought 15-5 victory.

There was another good game in the Air Astana Shield  with Parinya Professionals a Police side, overcoming a spirited Pattaya Panthers team 33-12.  The Check Inn 99 Women’s Cup final saw a speedy Srinakarinvirot University team defeat Thammasartklongluang 14-0 in a lively game.

As always the Tournament was well organized by David Dufall – better known as “The Colonel” – and his wife Kate. Sadly it appears to be their last tournament and their efforts will be badly missed by the rugby fraternity, both in Bangkok and overseas.  Roger Crutchley


Three-in-a-row: 2010 Cup Winners, Grammar-Carlton

Three-in-a-row: 2010 Cup Winners, Grammar-Carlton  

2010 Women's Champions: Murri Magic

2010 Women’s Champions: Murri Magic